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Clear Water Lake

Welcome to Side By Side Kitchen & Cocktails, where sophisticated dining meets the warmth of home. Our story begins with a passion for exquisite, locally sourced ingredients, served in a setting that combines elegance with comfort. Our open kitchen design invites you to experience the culinary artistry firsthand, as our chefs craft dishes that elevate comfort food to a new level of sophistication—without ever compromising on flavor or losing the comfort. Complement your meal with a handcrafted cocktail, mixed right before your eyes, or choose from our impressive selection of fine wines. Here, every dish is a celebration of taste and tradition, reimagined through a modern lens. Join us for an unforgettable dining experience where every meal feels like a special occasion, yet as cozy as dinner at home with friends and family.

Our History

It all started in a duck blind...

shotgun image


Eager with anticipation of the opening of Embassy Suites in downtown Tuscaloosa in 2015, one of its developers, Kem Wilson, was inspired and intrigued with a name for its new restaurant while sitting in a cold, damp duck blind watching the sun rise and stir the hovering mist blanketing a beautiful lake. Close at hand was his father's well-used shotgun, a side-by-side.

Most avid duck hunters swear by an over and under, whose barrels sit one atop the other. A side-by-side shotgun has its two barrels attached side-by-side. They're old school. Just as heirloom shotguns and duck hunting are treasured when passed from generation to generation so is the honor of serving as someone's home-away-from-home.  Hotels are in the Wilsons' blood just like duck hunting. They have been hoteliers for generations. 


In 2019, the owners were excited to gain management and control of Side by Side, giving them yet another way to positively impact their guests and also their neighbors, friends, and the community. 


The tragic onset of COVID-19 in 2020 created an opportunity for Side By Side -- it offered the unique opportunity to rebrand the restaurant to Side by Side Kitchen & Cocktails, more accurately reflecting the homey feel of its setting, the intentional hospitality of its staff, and the satisfying nature of its dishes.

Our Story

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